Oh Sable this was awesome as I wipe the tears away. Thank you for sharing

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

I’m working on TEXAS WILDFIRE, my contribution to the 12-Alarm Cowboy collection which is up for preorder now. YAY! Here’s my cover and the set and a link! I’m so proud of it. The authors are: Cora Seton, Sabrina York, Lexi Post, Becky McGraw, Cynthia d’Alba, Delilah Devlin, Randi Alexander, Beth Williamson, Donna Michaels, Elle James, Paige Tyler and SABLE HUNTER – YAY! – that’s me!



And like all of my books, I have tried to give you reason to laugh, cry and get all hot and bothered. I love to include real life situations in my books like sorrow, heartbreak, violence, etc but after I do, I veer away from reality and always give my readers a Happy Ending. Why? Because that’s what we need. Real life is sad enough, so many times things don’t work out. So when I read, I want to escape, I want to have hope…

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